Garden update

I realize I haven’t done a real garden update in a while.

All the garden beds are growing really well, except maybe that the squashes trying to take over the world.
The tomato plants are all over the place ( I couldn’t find any real sturdy cages for them so most of them are just out of control).
The peas are going gangbusters, and it seems like my attempt to space them 2 week out didn’t do a big thing (that or I’m in for another round of peas in 2 weeks).
The onions are doing well as are the strawberries which are still flowering like mad.
The zucchini has been really tasty, the gooseberries meanwhile have been “interesting”
Mixing flowers and plants hasn’t been a total disaster, at least not yet. (although you can see a petunia battling some peas)
The blueberries are amazing, even if they are in a pretty low count.
Raspberries are a bit disappointing in their volume, but they were just transplanted and I think most of them might be biennial (every 2 years)
I basically have too much produce right now, but I can’t really start a CSA since it would be like, “this week all you get are peas… lots and lots of peas”
As you can also see, we have a giant compost bin, it’s almost full so we’re going to be building a second one so we can let that one “cook”

You can click on the images below to see the full screen version.

One thought on “Garden update

  1. C’est vraiment super beau Stéphane…et c’est tres interessant ce que tu fais avec le mélange de fleurs et légumes! J’aime bien te suivre!

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