Stéphane Boisvert is a French-Canadian international speaker who works as a Principal Engineer at the Canadian Digital Services and sits on the Board of Directors of Basic Income Canada Network.

Formerly Director of Technology for WordPress.com VIP, Stéphane worked on some of the world’s largest sites, spending his time helping clients with architectural decisions, reviewing code for security and performance and jumping in when a site was misbehaving.

Previously, while working for the Liberal Party of Canada, Stéphane helped introduce modern online fundraising to the Canadian political system. These innovations as well as those brought to contact acquisition, email fundraising and online activism were quickly adopted by other political parties and NGOs in Canada. His greatest accomplishment from his time working in politics is the small role he played in helping the Liberal Party of Canada adopt Net Neutrality as a party policy.

With nearly two decades of experience working on the web, specializing in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, and WordPress, Stéphane is a highly sought-after speaker at conferences on subject ranging from code security and performance, mental health, and the intersection of politics and technology.

One subject close to Stéphane’s heart is mental illness. When possible, he educates and speaks about the challenges of mental health in the twenty-first century work environment. In addition, he advocates for both a National Pharmacare plan, and a guaranteed minimum income.

Stéphane believes that mentorship is key to making the world a better place and has such has developed a mentorship program at WordPress.com VIP and participates as a big brother.

Stéphane grew up in Ste-Anne, Manitoba and now lives with his partner in the Ottawa region.