Stéphane is an international speaker who speaks on topics such as “WordPress Performance”, “WordPress Security”, “Mental Health”, “Basic Income”, and “Digital Government”.

Stéphane’s WordPress experience comes from running a 600 site multisite with BuddyPress install during 4 years as the Web Team Lead of the Liberal Party of Canada. He was then a Developer, Team Lead and Director of Technology for the VIP (Enterprise) division of Automattic, the makers of WordPress.com. His expertise with helping deliver billions of page views a month shines thru the nuanced advice in his talks.

Stéphane has always been a passionate advocate for mental health and speaks of his experience, struggles, and successes in his journey with mental health. Guided by lessons learnt and funny anecdotes, Stéphane helps make a heavy topic approachable and inspires others to talk more openly about their challenges.

As a board member for Basic Income Canada Network, Stéphane is an advocate for a universally available basic income. He speaks on the studies, the benefits and the struggles of implementing a basic income in the Canadian context.


The fee to speak is a donation, in an amount to be negotiated, to either Kids Help Phone or Basic Income Canada Network (If you are located outside of Canada, a local charity can be made beneficiary). Stéphane gives talks in both French or English.

Testimonials on Mental Health presentations:

“6/5 Sensitive topic explained simply and with humour”
“Great personal touch”
“Good energy, interesting perspective and personal anecdotes”
“Very good talk. Honest, straighforward, helpful.”
“Important topic presented in a funny manner”

Confoo 2016 feedback

“Stéphane’s candid testimonial on mental health issues was truly engaging. With his great sense of humour and genuine presence, Stéphane puts his audience at ease, making participants receptive and open to tackle what can sometimes be a heavy topic. Having “just a regular guy” come in to share his knowledge of mental health, sprinkled with personal anecdotes, made us feel like we were having a conversion with an old friend. We learned lots of great tips and tricks to prevent or deal and were inspired to talk about mental health more openly.
Great talk, Stéphane, thank you!”

Gabrielle Michaud,
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada / Government of Canada

List of notable talks:

Stéphane has spoken around the world on many topics you’ll find slides or videos of some of these below:

WordCamp Ottawa – Mental Health, the Imposter Syndrome and Working from Home

Rio de Janeiro WordPress Group – WordPress Code Security

São Paulo WordPress Group – WordPress Code Performance

ConFoo Vancouver – Mental Health, the Imposter Syndrome and Working from Home

PHPConf.asia,  Signapore – WordPress Code Security

PHPCraft,  Johansburg  – WordPress Code Security

Barcelona WordPress Group – WordPress Security and Performance

WordCamp Montréal  – Comment écrire du code secure

Geneva WordPress Group – WordPress Performance

LoopConf, Las Vegas -Debugging Bugs with a Debugger

Big WP, New York City – How to do great code review

WordPress intensive training, Napa valley – How to do great code review

Ottawa WordCamp – Debugging bugs with a Debugger

BuddyCamp Vancouver – Politics 2.0, changing the country with WordPress and BuddyPress

WordCamp Toronto – Pitfalls of A/B testing