Many thoughts, few posts

Recently I’ve been having a lot of thoughts but they haven’t translated into posts. I think this is because, since this is public and friends, family, work, can all see it, things need to be at least slightly polished.

I do think that’s a bit BS since it means against living authentically (and by doing so, increasing the amount of mis-information or ignorance in the world [IMHO, living honestly and authentically is the only way to help the world get better since it’s only with better data about the world that we can make wiser decisions about it]) but I recently don’t want to have the tough conversations that will happen if I just write everything I’m thinking. I don’t want to have to explain to some well meaning family member that yes, things are fine even if I talk about all the things that are on fire. (This also applies to friends and co-workers, but family is the usual suspect.)

I’ve started writing some drafts since that seems like a good balance.

I have one I’m working on that I think will be titled “Buddhism, Rage Against the Machine and George Bernard Shaw”

Hopefully at some point I’ll find a way to massage all these opinions in a way that won’t “offend my political connects”

If not, they’ll be sneakily published without being posted anywhere. (I mean, if it’s not on social media, it might as well not exist)

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