When to buy cheap when to buy expensive

I find it very hard to know ahead of time when you should just buy the cheapest possible version of something and when not to.

I think growing up, the expensive version usually meant the one that had a marketing campaign attached to it. Not necessarily a better product. That being said, the no-name Cheerios never tasted as good…

But now, There are so many variables. Is this thing going to break and just cause more “junk” and garbage in the world? Would the more expensive one last longer? Will it serve it’s purpose better? We bought a really cheap sliding mider saw…. It didn’t end well…. But, most of our tools are from the cheap brand because we don’t use them all that much. I don’t need a Makita if I’m just doing stuff a few days out of the year.

Technology also changes this. Okay so the headphones technology is not going by leads and bounds and good headphones that work now will keep working in the future but will I want it to be able to do better noise cancelling? Will I want it to be able to connect to my phone and my laptop at the same time and seamlessly change between them? Do I even need this new “feature” that I seemed to survive living without the last few years?

One thing I’ve found myself recently is doubting all of my purchases and taking wayyyy too much time to make decisions that in the scheme of things won’t matter in 3 months.

I have a few nagging suspicions why that is… But that’s for another post.

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