Your past self was an idiot, Your future self will be amazing

I’ve always had this struggle where there seems to be clear evidence that if you think you’re awesome, or you think you’re going to win or whatever positive thinking thing, it will have an impact on the outcome. That’s just bananas right? It makes no sense, and yet it makes it that those BS books like “the secret” and etc are pretty scientifically proven to have an impact. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s actually the thinking itself. It’s probably how the thinking changes your behaviour or something like that. But regardless it’s pretty incredible.

The thing is, that being aware of what you’re not good at leads to better outcomes in many cases. Makes you more humble, makes you ponder things more and take a second before you jump to conclusions.

Mark Manson talked about this in his newsletter and had a good line

Here’s my conclusion: overestimate your future, underestimate your past. Acknowledging you know nothing and that you’ve accomplished nothing will give you the benefits of humility. But the positive expectation will give the benefits of higher performance.
Another version: “I still understand little, but I’m capable of accomplishing a lot.”

I like it, but I feel it’s needs to be a bit more punchy. I had your past self was an idiot, your future self will be a genius. But I want to try to make it not just about thoughts but about things like exercise and etc. I’m not yet sold on it, I think it still needs polish. Feel free to send me suggestions.

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