I’m trying to do as much outdoor activity as possible this year and went skiing today for the first time in a while. I got the skis I use regularly from play again sport in like 2003 or something, so let’s just say, not the cream of the crop.

I tried a few pairs of demo skis today at the hill and the difference between all 4 of them was incredible. Turns out I hate any ski that can be described as “playful”. I think I never realized how different skis could be. I’ve always only used the rental ones or this pair that I have now.

In retrospect it should be self evident that different skis perform differently, but 2 skis made me feel in control vs the “ohh shit” that often happens with rental skis. I’m looking at the Deacon 80 and the Mantra 5. I’m going to go to another demo day next weekend to make a decision.

If you’re in the Ottawa area and want to go skiing, send me a line!

4 thoughts on “Skiing

  1. Get yourself a good pair of boots too. I didn’t realize how uncomfortable mine were until I rented a pair on my trip to Salt Lake City (didn’t bother bringing my skis, since they aren’t made for powder). It was a night and day difference.

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