Songs, Sophomoric Thoughts and Peanut Butter

Maybe it’s a teen / young adult thing but I remember loving song lyrics. Back then it was MSN messenger days and you’d put song lyrics in your name or in your “personal message” or whatever thing. (For non-Canadians, MSN was more popular than AIM / ICQ in Canada back in the day [well, at least in rural Manitoba])

I always thought it was a bit like saying things without saying them. In that you could post some lyrics, and you’d have ascribed a deep meaning to them but just in case, you could just back out and say you just like the song or something if it turned out not to stick with others. Some form of low cost putting ideas out there.

I decided I was going to post more random stuff on my site. I think my go to when I’m not sure what to say will just be music videos. I’m wary of it being at times too sophomoric or emo, but sometimes songs and music videos express what’s on my mind.

And sometimes it leads to things like this:

Trust me, stick with it until at least 1:30

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