Money gets to people’s head

There’s a good interview with Abigail Disney who, as you may of guessed by the last name, has a lot of money.

You can read it here:

I think there’s this idea that we should all aim to be rich. That money is a valid metric for success. I think it’s a bit like wanting to be CTO or CEO (something I’ve struggled with potentially wanting). It’s outsourcing your feelings of self worth to something you can point to. It’s not real, but you can tell yourself it’s important.

One thought on “Money gets to people’s head

  1. That was a great interview, and I really respect her self-awareness. Acknowledging, and struggling with, her decadence when it comes to her own pleasures, but also seeing the damage that can be done when one gives in to more pleasures. Love the perspective of taking what life offers and making it better for others. Really great interview. Thanks for highlighting.

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