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As you can tell I’ve been de-prioritizing Facebook and moving to my blog, and this is one of the big reasons why. Instead of actually fixing their problems with privacy, they just moved users out of reach of valid privacy laws. Great job FB… If it wasn’t that you represent 80% of my traffic I’d get rid of you. Something I think most people who do sites of any kind would also do.

2 thoughts on “Link: Nothing to see here….

  1. But is there a better platform? Even a paid one where I’m the customer, not the product. I’d like to keep in touch with folks (and tbh FB is how I remember to check your blog) but the price of convenience is getting pretty high.

    • >and tbh FB is how I remember to check your blog)
      Right, I feel like I need a better distribution system. If it was easy would you sign up for email updates?

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