Today is Saturday (or more accurately this post is scheduled for Saturday). And that means cheat day for me where I eat a bunch of junk food I don’t eat during the rest of the week. The science behind it is questionable but it works for me. There are 2 reasons that might be the cause of the cheat day, the first one is the whole it’s way easier to not eat any junk food (basically anything processed or anything with medium to large amounts of sugar) if you can just delay gratification. It’s not that I won’t ever eat ice cream again. It’s just that I will eat it in X days. The other theory is that one of the reasons some people who do calorie restriction long term start to metabolize slower (that’s pretty sure at this point) is that there body is responding to the fact it doesn’t have as much leptin. Anyway, the cheat day combined with cutting out almost all sugar and carbs (which also has a side effect of removing almost all processed food) has had a dramatic impact for me. It’s now been over 4 years now that I’m on it and it’s working for me. If you’re looking for something, give it a try :).

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