Why do you read this blog?

In a sense I want to just be blogging for myself, and not really care what anyone reading this thinks. I mean I’m not doing it to grow my influence or my email list or to do some personal branding. That being said, it would be nice to know what people like and why. It’s very interesting because I read Lucas Cherkewski’s emails and he asks similar feedback on his thoughts. And I’ve never even let him know I actually read them vs just letting the email tracker fire so it looks like I read it in the analytics.

I have some people who send me their thoughts privately, and I really appreciate that, but I find it interesting that they don’t feel comfortable posting it publicly. I can understand in a sense, we all try to portray an image online and anything we put on the internet stays accessible for ever. I wonder if at a point we won’t be as fazed by some ridiculous comment someone did on Facebook years ago. I guess the US president is a good argument that we aren’t fazed by ridiculous comments at all. Or at least our base opinion isn’t going to change.

All that to say, if you have thoughts and feedback on my posts, I’d love to hear them. Publicly or privately.

One thought on “Why do you read this blog?

  1. I follow your blog because I saw you talk at Wordcamp Winnipeg, followed you on twitter. It was only a couple of days ago that I even realized you had a blog (see: https://twitter.com/ohryan/status/981365197343477760) or thought to look for one. So I’ve only skimmed through your posts this evening.
    Your blog represents the kind of pseudo-personal “journal” type content that I believe was foundational to the early internet. Something that is missing from today’s internet.

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