Provincial election 2018

I’ve complained about politics recently which is why it will probably surprise some that I just donated to the Ontario Provincial Liberals and will volunteer for the campaign.

The reasoning is that this election is very important to me in terms of the values that the OLP brings and the socially progressive changes they’ve made or are making.

  1. Pharmacare for everyone under 25 and over 65. In a perfect world this would be for everyone but this is a really good start. I wasn’t able to afford my medication when I dropped out of college and had I not had family who could afford it I could of easily ended up on the streets.
  2. Basic Income Trials: There are currently 3 pilot trials going on in Ontario and I basic income is I think one of the most important changes that we will need to make in our society to adapt to this generation’s industrial revolution.
  3. 2.1 Billion in new funding for mental health as well as more money in general for healthcare.

This being said, I can understand why some would be reticent to vote for them. They’ve been in many scandals, some of them truly dishonorable. So I understand anyone who feels they need to be punished for this. In that case I hope you’ll consider the NDP over the Conservatives as I feel like rolling back the Carbon tax, repealing the new sex ed curriculum, cancelling the planned minimum wage hike, and lacking support for the three priorities above (no specific policy on any of them that I know of) would really set the province back.

If you’re interested you can donate here: or volunteer here:

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