Personal growth and accepting that I’m “enough”

Right now I’m procrastinating. I have work I would like to do, or at least I think I should do. Work that I want to do that would help me grow. And yet, I’m not motivated to do it. Why is that? Is it that I feel I’ve already done enough work? That pushing myself more would be detrimental? That I should accept that I will want to play video games a certain amount of hours a week?

Oh sure, I know I need to accept that I’m enough and I’m working enough and doing enough learning and the like. But is that true? Or more accurately how do I know and find that balance? Mark Manson mentioned in an AMA that he feels the answer is to focus on specific things in your life one at a time. I understand the appeal of that. It’s how I focused on getting healthier for the last few years (with great success).

But if that is the answer, then I guess it means figuring out and prioritizing what I want to achieve. Something I know I should do, but still not easy.

One thought on “Personal growth and accepting that I’m “enough”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. In the first few episodes of Scandal (yep, self-help from Olivia Pope) she keeps saying to people, “What do you want?!” I hear myself asking that every once in a while – it’s a harder question to answer than it seems.

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