I’ve day dreamed of blogging for a while. It’s always that my posts come out all perfect and logical, with great sources for all my arguments. You know, unrealistic expectations. The other thing stopping me if I think fear. The fear that I’ll write something and it be wrong or I’ll offend someone so much as to be publicly shamed. The odds of that are slim but I think the “safety” of Facebook, that only people you “know” can read your posts (if your settings are correctly set) is a part of why posting on Facebook is easier. I can just write something off, random thoughts and I don’t need it to stand the test of time and have it scrutinized by everyone who looks me up, either as a conference speaker in any potential future job applications or if ever I were to run for public office (The chances of which keep getting slimmer and slimmer). But I don’t think the fear of something should be a reason to not do something. The rational odds of something bad coming out of this are pretty slim, kind of like sky diving.

All that to say, I’ll be posting random thoughts here, and hopefully the public pressure of following up on this now that I’ve announced it will be enough to get me to stick to it.

I don’t think I’ll be auto posting to Facebook and Twitter as a general rule, but maybe the posts I think are worthy of being shared / read.

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