A co-worker of mine (Matt Wiebe) has recently(ish) started blogging. I really enjoy reading the thoughtful posts.
I think as humans we have a tendency to forget when we didn’t know things or didn’t have the same opinion we once did. I often feel that anything I would write would be self evident to everybody and they’ve already had all these thoughts. And personal experience has also taught me that the quote “life is a journey that no one else can take for us” (find real quote). But I think I’ve also noticed that we can help others go thru the learning process a bit faster and a bit smoother than we did. In the past I always tried to help people in the past, and I still do, it’s just that way I go about it is different. I would previously feel like I had failed if I could not convince the other individual to heal themselves (in a mental health sort of way). It took me a long time to realize that it wasn’t more effort or less effort or anything I did that could impact someone to the point where they will change. I’ve had friends who were in exactly the same situation I had just been in, and that they had counselled me thru. When I gave them the same advice, they wouldn’t listen. It’s very hard to step away from things like this but I think we have to. All that to say that I think it is worthwhile to have a blog and to post things to share, either as reminders of things they already know or to help give someone the idea for something they can incorporate for themselves.

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