On Blogging

I’ve been resisting blogging for a while even though I’ve been  very tempted by it. The main reason being that I feel its a bit narcissistic. Who am I to think I have something different that has not already been said or written before? (On the internet or not) Now that doesn’t mean that I think everything that can be achieved has been achieved, but that everything that can be thought, everything that can be imagined has been and most of those ideas are already out there, often written much more eloquently than I can, therefore why pollute cyberspace with more?

A reason for the change of heart is that as mentioned, not everything that can be accomplished has been. People still go hunger in every country across the world. Drinking water is not accessible everywhere. Education is not accessible to everyone. Diseases, war, intolerance, injustice run rampant and while everything that can be thought and everything that can be written already has been. 49% of it never should of. While I really do believe that “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” (MLK) That doesn’t mean we can just sit back and watch it happen. 

I often chastise people for talking (or writing) instead of acting. Many are under the false impression that somehow their words will lead someone else (or many others) to act. Yes, sometimes that happens, but actions carry far more weight. And one must start with themselves. That being said, there will always need to be a place for sharing thoughts and ideas and might as well try to bend the scale the way I believe is right.

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