On to the Next Challenge (Hire Me)

My time at the Canadian Digital Service is coming to an end this fall and I’m looking for my next challenge.

I’m looking for a role as Director / Head of Technology / CTO / VP tech or other similar role for a small organization or in a division / business line inside a larger company leading a tech team of ~50. (Edit: If you have another role you want to talk about, reach out. I’m making space for the unexpected.)

Stéphane led our web stack at the Liberal Party of Canada through a tremendous transformation during the time that we worked together. When we began working together the organization had no history of digital innovation. Stéphane excelled at identifying and moving important strategic objectives forward.

Kerry Nelson, Technology and Process Strategist – Wilfred Laurier University

I’ve led digital teams for the past 8 years, going from small and scrappy to larger teams distributed around the world. I have a passion for growth and inclusion and believe that nurturing talent internally is what helps attract external talent.

In an industry plagued with imposter syndrome, he is incredibly suited to help newcomers feel like a part of the team and continues to encourage and teach them as they mature in their role.

Kailey Lampert, VIP Wrangler – Automattic

Many of you may know me from my role as Director of Technology, Client Services at the enterprise division of Automattic (WordPress.com) where I helped lead a growing team of engineers while helping set our technical direct, revamping our hiring pipeline to be more inclusive and diverse and creating a mentorship program. I also led the engineering’s on-call efforts, worked with the clients experiencing the most challenging problems and reviewed and deployed code to production over 30 000 times.(1)That’s not a typo, I personally pushed code to production over 30 000 times

An incredibly smart, passionate and compassionate colleague. It was a great privilege to have had the opportunity to work with him. He combined both technical knowledge and strategic thinking to build clear solutions.

Justin To, Director, Private Markets – PSP Investment

I have a knack for understanding requirements, taking the time to really understand the goals and the motivations behind the technology, finding the user and the business needs and helping bridge the gap between those who speak technical goobly-gook and those who don’t.

Stéphane worked with some of our highest revenue global clients including Facebook, News Corp, People, Capital One and CBS. […]

Stéphane would often be brought into conversations with C-suite management where his ability to clearly articulate our technology offerings to senior management helped sway clients to sign on.

Chris Scott, Sr Solutions Engineer – Auth0

I’m comfortable speaking in high pressure settings, in both official languages. I presented Canada’s National COVID Exposure Notification app, COVID Alert, to senators and members of Parliament. I routinely gave presentations and reports to boards of directors as well as sales pitches to C-suite executives. I’m also an international speaker, focusing on the topics of WordPress security, WordPress performance and mental health, and have given talks to organizations and conferences spanning 4 continents.

Having worked closely with him on projects with exceptionally tight deadlines, I’ve seen his performance and contributions first-hand.

Chris Govias, Chief of Design – Canadian Digital Service

I strongly believe that good teams are diverse, inclusive and equitable. For me, strong performing teams are ones with individuals from all walks of lives that feel safe discussing challenging topics. Good teams don’t just happen, you have to help build them, that’s why I’ve always had a strong mentoring component in all of my roles. Helping grow talent internally is always better (and cheaper) in the long term vs trying to find those perfect hires.(2)I recognize the irony of saying this in this context

“Working with Stéphane Boisvert completely altered my career trajectory for the better. […] Without Stéphane’s intelligence, creativity and above all, his encouragement and mentorship, I would not be where I am today.

Lucky Manku, Senior Data Scientist – Shopify

I’m also a very strong enterprise WordPress developer and could be a great asset to any host or agency wanting to level up their enterprise WordPress engineering team. I’m great at solving problems under pressure while teaching others how to spot those problems before they happen in the future.

I worked with him on a number of projects over the last few years and each time have been impressed with both his attitude and problem solving abilities.

Aaron Jorbin, WordPress Core Committer – Director of Editorial Technology, PMC

Be it leading development teams during a high growth periods, helping create an SRE / DevOps practice, growing a team in high pressure environments, increasing diversity and inclusion, leading your digital transformation, driving technical and product decisions, or as a lead WordPress developer, I believe I’d be a great asset to any organization.

Use calendly.com/sboisvert/30min to book some time or email me at stboisvert@gmail.com to chat about the next opportunity!

You can find more information about my experience and more recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.

Footnotes   [ + ]

1. That’s not a typo, I personally pushed code to production over 30 000 times
2. I recognize the irony of saying this in this context