Trudeau – SNC Lavalin (part2)

I’m really curious to see what will happen next. Gerry Butts has asked the committee looking into the SNC Lavalin matter to be a witness:

This is interesting, I think there are a few strategies they could take:

  1. Argue the specifics of SNC Lavalin: This would mean focusing on their belief that offering a DPA is the right call. I don’t think this will work out since it doesn’t address the root issue, that Trudeau appears to not be who he says he is.
  2. Butts takes the fall: Butts claims it was him and not Trudeau. I don’t think this is actually going to happen, mostly because I don’t think folks will buy it since Wilson-Raybould discussed it with Trudeau directly.
  3. Trudeau owns up that this was a mistake, apologizes and re-instates Wilson-Raybould.

I think number 3 is the best option. Ya, lots of folks will say that’s weak. But those folks already dislike him. To be who he says he is, to be what folks expected of him, he needs to own up to the mistake, explain why he did it (jobs / the economy [which is not a good reason IMHO, but one folks will understand]) and say it was a mistake and that really believes in being different and he failed in this case.

This relates back to being authentic, something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently. It seems many problems are solved when you’re very much true to yourself.

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